Wispa & Smartie

Re-home Status: I Need a Home

First Published: April 5, 2019

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Wispa & Smartie


0Years 3 Months





Likes and Dislikes:


Wispa & Smartie are adorable girls, looking for a home together.  They are bright little bundles of joy, being typical kittens they love having fun, chasing around playing and getting into  mischief. They will make lovely additions to their new family.


Type of Home Needed:

Wispa & Smartie will need a home with someone around most of the day as they are only babies and will easily become bored, they also need a midday extra feed. They are young enough to learn to live with other pets and if to be outdoor cats a home away from any busy roads so they can safely go outside. A home with children over 5 years old is required if any.

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