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First Published: August 30, 2018

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7 Years Months




Lhasa Apso


Chewy is a lovely friendly boy, he’s partially blind and will need special home with an experienced  patient owner who understands his needs. Due to his poor eyesight Chewy is nervous of any sharp movements and noises, he is not suitable to live with any young children and will need a quiet  calm home. Chewy will need regular grooming so that his fur doesn’t become too long and mattered.

Type of Home Needed:

Chewy is looking for a quiet home ideally with another neutered calm dog so that he has guidance.  He will need plenty of exercise and a spacious home to prevent him from causing any injury by bumping into objects. An experienced patient owner who understands his needs. A home with no young children or cats and a full secure garden is required.

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