Re-home Status: I Need a Home

First Published: January 5, 2019

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5 Years Months





Likes and Dislikes:

Ovaltine likes attention but does take his time to get to know and trust people .


Ovaltine is a bunny with a difference , being both male and female .

neutered and fullu vaccinated .

adoption fee £55

Type of Home Needed:

Ovaltine is looking for an indoor home where he can either be adopted with a view to pairing at a later date or where he can be a single house bunny where he would get lots of human interaction.

He is a bit gender confused and has been in one bond which was not ideal as he was bullied .

he has been rehomed twice but both times returned when the bond didnt work .

we want to see him settled in a permanent home . being passed back and forth isnt good for him .

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