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Name: Blue

Age: 4 months

Sex: Male

Breed: Ragdoll


Blue is an absolutely gorgeous confident boy, sadly he’s looking for a home as his owner’s couldn’t meet his needs.

Blue is absolutely full of energy, has no fear of anything and loves to play all day long. He’s a very demanding, vocal, intelligent and loving young boy that craves attention, his new owners will need to be around most of the day to meet his needs.

Blue has no manners when playing with other cats and dogs.  His natural instinct kicks in, anything that moves he loves to chase and pounce on, for this reason and after a full assessment in his foster home,  we are looking for a pet free home for Blue.

Blue will make a lovely addition to his new owners who are familiar with the breed.

Type of home needed:

*Please note* we are looking for a particular type of home for Blue, we can only reply to suitable  applications.

Blue requires a pet free adult only home with someone who preferably  has experience owning the Ragdoll breed.

He can not be left for long, his new owner will need to be around most of the day to meet his needs. Due to his breed he must be kept an indoor only cat therefore a spacious home where he’ll have plenty of room to run around is a must for this lively boy.

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