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First Published: September 30, 2019

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4 Years Months






Alfie is an adorable sweet friendly  boy who has sadly already been passed around in his short life. Alfie loves human company, he doesn’t cope well being left alone, as a result in this he barks for attention. Alfie would be best suited in a home with another friendly active dog so he has company.

Type of Home Needed:

Alfie will need an active home where he’ll have plenty of exercise.  His new owners will need to be at home most of the day as Alfie  doesn’t cope being left.  Ideally we think he would be best suited in a home with another neutered dog so he has canine company to distract him from  barking, however this depends on a successful meeting.  Alfie could  be rehomed with children depending on meet and greet. A full secure garden with a fence height of at least 5ft is required.

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