Name: Mac

Age: 11 YEARS

Sex: Male

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross


Mac came to Barnsley Animal Rescue as a stray in 2009! He has a very sad story to tell. When he arrived at the rehoming centre he was only young, he had hardly any hair and was very underweight and covered in sores. With lots of TLC he made a full recovery. Over the years spent in rescue we have learnt that Mac has a great personality once he gains your trust, he doesn’t show himself very well in kennels but once out of his environment he really is an affectionate boy. He will make a great companion given the chance. Because Mac has been in kennels so long, to him this is his home so he does get separation anxiety away from the kennels. This is so sad, if you are looking for a great companion who will return you with lots of love, please consider Mac

He likes to sunbathe in the garden on sunny days and likes to play with the other dogs here at the centre, he also enjoys his walks.

Type of home needed:

Mac needs a special home with a patient owner, who is willing to get him used to a home environment. Mac has spent most of his life in kennels and needs an owner who has a lot of experience with owning a dog. Mac needs to be rehomed without any visiting children or children in the home, as we think he may have been teased in the past. He will need a patient owner who is willing to help him settle into a home as Mac has only known a kennel as his home so will take time for him to adjust to a home environment.

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