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Name: Dormouse

Age: 0

Sex: Male

Breed: netherland dwarf cross


Doormouse is a very sweet little boy with a very gentle nature.

He sometimes breathes noisily and when stressed his nose can run . It was at first thought he could have an upper respiratory prom but x rays and a thorough examination have revealed no evidence of this.

He has a flat face and therefor small narrow nasal passages. This is the reason for his noisy breathing . It is most noticeable when he is eating or stressed.

Neutered and vaccinated.

Adoption fee £60

loves to be around other rabbits and realy needs a gentle friend.

Type of home needed:

because of his size and the fact that he is quite nervy we would like Doormouse to be housed indoors.
He needs to be paired with a gentle spayed female.

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